Preeti Choudhury

Actress (Bagheera)

Preeti Choudhury is a professional actor based in Mumbai, India. She has appeared in numerous TV serials, including Bade Acche Lagte Hai and Diya Aur Baati Hum, as well as video songs, feature films, short films and live theatre productions.

Preeti shone with natural talent from an early age, developing ‘characters’ and short dramas, bringing them to life for her family and friends with elaborate improvisations. In her adult life, this flair has been augmented by studying with some of the most prestigious acting coaches and dramaturges of India.

These include Kreating Charakters Acting School, The Vidur Acting Institute and Sitesh Samudre of Passion Entertainment in Mumbai.

Preeti has an MA in Communications from Guahrati University in Assam, and also graduated with distinction from Lakhnawi Gharana School of Classical Indian Dance. She specialised in Kathak and is highly accomplished in this technical form.

Rajesh Balwani

Actor (Kaka - Uncle)

Rajesh Balwani is a well established actor who has worked in numerous Indian and International productions. These include theatre, feature films, radio, television, print ads & TV commercials.

Highly experienced, Rajesh is well known for his comedic work but is also capable of creating darker, dramatic characters, as evidenced by his terrifying portrayal of Kaka in Bagheera.

Rajesh is also recognised for his role with superstar actor Shah Rukh Khan in Swades.

Always looking out for roles that challenge his creative core, Rajesh can be contacted as follows: |

Christopher R. Watson

Writer / Director / Producer

Christopher is a writer/director who has been living in Mumbai, India, for most of the last five years. He believes that Indian cinema is experiencing an extraordinary new wave of independent storytelling, and is developing impactful stories to contribute to that movement.

He is fascinated by contemporary Indian culture, seeing it as a unique lens for exploring global issues, and has developed three feature length films in Hindi language. These productions are designed to connect strongly and primarily with Indian  audiences. As such, Chris goes to great lengths to insure cultural authenticity and respect is central in his work.

Christopher has also directed numerous commercial productions. These include TV Commercials, corporate communications, music videos, short films and Feature Film Productions.

Sakar Raut


At 23, Sakar made Kalakaar, his first feature length film, starring Bhushan Pradhan. As a result, Sakar became the youngest film-maker to direct a commercial film in the Marathi film industry (Marathi is the language of the state of Maharashtra, the capital is Mumbai / Bombay).

Off the back of Kalakaar he established Sara Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd, and in 2017 released two new films, Shivya and Sangharsh Yatra, the long-awaited bio-pic about Maharashtra’s most well-loved Chief Minister, Gopinath Munde.

Sakar is currently shooting a new bio-pic on the life of Suhas Khamkar, India’s most distinguished body-builder.

Each of Sakar’s films have had theatrical releases across cinemas in India and generated a profit at the box office.

Chris Veerhuis


Chris is known for his exceptional standards of work as an Australian film producer. He has extensive experience, combining superb local community relations with a global network of industry professionals.

He continues to be a vocal advocate for creating opportunities for home-grown talent and is dedicated to bringing exciting, fresh films to international audiences.

His work includes co-producing two high profile Australian feature films, Red Dog: True Blue (2016) and Breath (2016). Other films include Paper Planes (2014), Jasper Jones (2017) and Satellite Boy (2012).

Stuart Watson

Executive Producer

Stuart Watson is the primary sponsor of Bagheera’s Festival journey. A highly successful Engineer and Entrepreneur, Stuart expressed a desire to support Bagheera from the script stage. His ongoing generosity enables thousands of people to enjoy the finished film and connect to her message.

“The film is a unique and impactful contributor to the contemporary gender empowerment discourse. Bagheera, herself, demonstrates great strength and courage in the face of challenge. I hope she inspires any person that watches the film to do the same.”

– Stuart J. Watson

Jodie Waterhouse

Executive Producer

Jodie Waterhouse is the Global CEO of Zero Degrees West, a successful Film Marketing agency based in London, Los Angeles & Melbourne, Australia. With a 20 year career in film sales and marketing roles, working for film studios including Disney, Sony and MGM, Jodie brings a unique perspective to filmmaking using her knowledge of the full film lifecycle, understanding of storytelling and film audiences alongside her commercial business acumen. As Executive Producer of Bagheera she has helped the film on its journey to the audience and as a strong independent woman herself, is a huge advocate of the film’s premise and the awareness it brings to women’s rights and the role women themselves play in championing that every day.